Structured Cabling Training Course

Copper Structured Cabling Training Course

One day course


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This is a 1 day course, with both the Theory and the Practical elements being completed either at our headquarters in Braintree, Essex or elsewhere by arrangement.



Correct installation procedures are a fundamental part of today’s structured cabling industry. We are committed to ensuring that our cabling systems are installed quickly, professionally and in compliance with the rapidly changing standards proposed by the ISO/IEC and EIA/TIA.

Modern building designs often include consideration for cabling infrastructures to support voice and data distribution. It is increasingly the case that tender documents, project specifications and detailed plans make reference to relevant standards and terminology that anyone working in this field should be aware of.

Features & Benefits:

  • Gives delegates the confidence to install and test Connectix Cabling Systems correctly.
  • Coverage of industry standards, installation techniques and test equipment
  • Introduction to typical structured cabling system infrastructure elements.
  • Certificate awarded for successful completion based on a test pass.
  • Pre-requisite for Connectix Approved Installer Status

Course Description

The Connectix Copper Structured Cabling Theory section has the following key elements (many more than this):

Introduction to Connectix

  • Background, history and activities 

Course Introduction

  • Course materials, objectives, assessment 

Structured Cabling Theory

  • What is structured cabling?
  • Category 5e through to Category 8
  • Cat 5e or Cat 6 what are the advantages ?
  • Generic cabling designs
  • Where should shielding be considered ?
  • Different panels for different scenarios
  • CPR regulations
  • Cable preparation and testing
  • 10Gigabit Ethernet update 

Installation of Structured Cabling

  • Overview of the installation process
  • Cable installation practices
  • The importance of twisted pair
  • Cable termination – how it should be done

Structured Cabling System Testing

  • Why test? What to test?
  • Methods of testing
  • Different types of test equipment
  • Testing for warranty application



After successfully completing the theory element and passing the short test delegates will complete the practical training.

Features & Benefits:

  • Gives delegates confidence to terminate and test different categories of copper cables successfully.
  • The relationship differing Categories to cabling standards will be understood.
  • Hands-on termination ‘punchdown’ and keystone on Cat 6 and Cat 6a
  • Testing using a Fluke tester
  • Certificate awarded for successful completion

 Course Description:

The Connectix Copper Structured Cabling Practical element is a mixture of practical work and hands on exercises used to relate theory and practise to real world scenarios with the following key elements (many more than this) :

Copper Structured Cabling Theory

  • Brief ‘re-cap’ of Theory

Practical Detail

  • Different Category cable construction and selection
  • Presentation of cables into patch panels into panels
  • Review of termination methods with summary
  • Cable preparation for termination (both unshielded and shielded)
  • Practical termination exercises

Copper Link Testing

  • Why test? What to test?
  • Methods of testing (PL, Channel, MPTL)
  • Different types of test equipment
  • Testing exercise

No prior practical experience is required. Delegates will leave with adequate knowledge, confidence and practical experience for successful installation of copper links.

The course is run by a fully qualified Connectix Cabling Systems trainer who is well versed in installations and is constantly updated in line with the rapidly changing standards, technologies and terminologies.

Questions during the course are actively encouraged.